Equestrian Information Centre qnwortal.com

The Equestrian Information Centre qnwortal.com – an online magazine for horse-riding enthusiasts and professionals –is the first major project carried out by Patryk Arłamowski. The first version of the service was made available on December 13, 2003 when the author was 15 years old.

Owing to the elements that were innovative as far as the early onset of the era of "Web 2.0" is concerned, the portal allowed to facilitate interaction between its users – discussion forums, chat, databases (including the largest pedigree database in Poland) as well as the involvement of a wide range of individuals cooperating on a voluntary basis and doing their traineeship in the fields of journalism, communication and even IT (in 2006 the service included 34 people who were actively cooperating), the service, within the next several years, became the largest online magazine associated with horse-riding, reaching more than 60% of potential readers.

In addition to creating an Internet platform, Patryk Arłamowski was the editor-in-chief of the site in the years 2003 - 2011. His job, among other things, was to manage the editorial team. Under the auspices of the Equestrian Information Centre, more than 200 competitions and equestrian events were held. The number of the articles and reports that were published exceeded 2000. After 10 years, it still remains in the top three sites on this subject in Poland.


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