Personal profile - Patryk Arłamowski

Patryk Maria Arłamowski

Patryk Maria Arłamowski – born on March 18, 1988, a graduate of Wrocław University of Technology, majored in Automatics and Robotics, a specialist in IT Systems in Automatics.

According to the magazine for designers and investors ‘USPRO’, Patryk Arłamowski is “a visionary and an outstanding designer of solutions for modern technologies.’ In 2011 - 2013 he was the Director of Research and Development at Polska Projektowa. He has a passion for travelling and extreme sports, especially horse-riding and diving. He is the creator of one of the largest web portals on horse-riding in Poland”.

Despite his young age, he has a great deal of business experience that is closely related to innovative technologies, especially those based on distributed computing and telecommunication networks. Prior to turning 25, Patryk Arłamowski designed and implemented in the market more than twenty products which used innovative solutions. In order to protect his innovations, several dozen patent claims have been filed.

Patryk Arłamowski is, inter alia, the author of the concept of the Intelligent Building autonomous system. The concept, first defended as his thesis, was soon sold and commercialized. For almost a year and a half a group of scientists led by Patryk Arłamowski – electrical engineers, programmers, and specialists in creating intuitive user interfaces – have been developing the cheapest and one of the most innovative Intelligent Building Systems in the world – DARIN.

The final product, according to recognized experts in this field, including Antoni Izworski Ph.D. Eng. – the author of many domestic and foreign publications and a specialist in industrial-installation and research projects and teaching laboratories – is a process and product innovation.

The solution and the product developed by Patryk Arłamowski have been nominated for a prestigious competition ‘Polish Invention of the Year’, organized by Telewizja Polska (‘The Polish Television’) in collaboration with the leading Polish universities.

In order to develop competences connected with management, Patryk Arłamowski, having finished his education at Wroclaw University of Technology, took up further studies at Wroclaw University of Economics, where he is currently completing his studies in the field of Management and Productions Engineering – specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

To better understand the international business culture and obtain the skills necessary to manage international teams, Patryk Arłamowski also studied International Business at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – where he specialized in the field of innovative entrepreneurship and international trade.


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