Darin - simply smart

The youthful passion for experimentation and the professional knowledge obtained by studying Automatics and Robotics at Wroclaw University of Technology became the basis for the creation of an innovative product – more precisely the creation of several products under the common brand “DARIN – simply smart”.

The first research commenced in 2008. Initially, the work was conducted at a home lab where the prototype versions of electronic systems and control software were developed.
In 2010, the solutions developed were presented in a thesis written under the academic supervision of Marek Kukawczyński Ph.D. Eng. They aroused great interest as they allowed to create not only a modern system but also a system that is reliable and available at a far more affordable price than similar solutions on the market.

Due to the fact that the project was considered exceptional, it received a very positive review by Antoni Izworski Ph.D. Eng., the author of many domestic and foreign publications, industrial-installation and research projects and teaching laboratories, who is also recognized as a world-class expert on intelligent buildings, Patryk Arłamowski decided to turn the project and the concept into a product that is available not only for the elites.

‘Over a year of research and many of experts later’

Just few months after the defence of the thesis, it was sold to the Wrocław-based partnership enterprise Polska Projektowa specializing in inventions and new technologies. Engineer Patryk Arłamowski was appointed the Director of Research and Development.

Patryk Arłamowski needed just a few months of the cooperation with the Investor to build a modern laboratory for the research related to the practical utilization of the latest technology in designing, prototyping, and testing electronic systems and control as well as visualization applications (SCADA) and embedded solutions, in line with the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 standards.

Under his supervision, a group of more than ten specialists in programming, electronic design, building intuitive user interfaces have worked on the development of the intended product – a product that is easy to install and use and, at the same time, reliable and available at a reasonable price.

After almost one and a half year, the DARIN system has been implemented for sale. Owing to its universal design and wide-ranging capabilities, despite the fact that it was initially intended for homes and apartments, DARIN is an ideal solution for ‘bigger' applications like production halls.

The developed solutions were recognized by Wroclaw University of Technical as a product and industry innovation. They also received a very positive review from experienced installers of other building automation solutions. The product was also nominated for the "Polish Invention of 2013" competition organized by Telewizja Polska.

The total value of the project amounted to over PLN 2 million. More than 15 people were directly involved in this project. It has been so far the largest project implemented by Patryk Arłamowski before turning 25 years old.


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