Neodent - better quality in dentistry

Neodent - nowoczesna stomatologia

The project was only partially related to modern technologies and to a much greater extent enterprise optimization and management . The bad financial situation of a dental surgery of Izabella Arłamowska was the trigger for action. Ms. Arłamowska is a dentist with more than 25 years of experience and, privately, Patryk Arłamowski’s mother.


Owing to an in-depth analysis of both the functioning of the aforementioned enterprise and of the business environment – the changes that have occurred during the past few years as far as the dental business is concerned – it was possible to introduce the changes that, within a few years, transformed a dental surgery standing on the brink of bankruptcy into a modern dental clinic.

Apart from introducing modern solutions (including one of the first digital imaging systems using an intra-oral imaging camera on Lower Silesia and the adaptation to carry out an inhalation sedation (using nitrous oxide) the enterprise has undergone the process of rebranding.

In the next few years it is planned to create branch offices based on franchise which, thanks to the multiplication of the proved methods of management and optimization and brand recognition, shall guarantee high profitability.


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